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    Default Re: Putting the forums back together again

    Quote Originally Posted by vestureofblood View Post
    Ya ya ya.. yaaaaa yaya Some more gloating here too. Guess who was the first to sell a custom light on the new forum... .

    Adventure Sport Flashlights rules!!
    LOL -
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    Default Re: Putting the forums back together again

    Very easy to navigate through and looks like it will be easy to use to sell and list. I see a "number of sales" field associated with a seller when I click on an item for sale. I see the ability to leave feedback too. Is there, will there be some type of feedback rating for sellers and buyers or am I just not seeing it?
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    Default Re: Putting the forums back together again

    I like it the way it is now, with the two separate sites. But I would not quit using them if / when the change is made. And I agree with a previous poster re: fees. It depends on the definition of "small". I think one reason why sales posts are down on some of the other sites is a discrepancy between what the site owners consider "small" and what the users (ie. sellers) consider "small". Shipping cost increases have already made significant inputs on seller's net as well, further complicating the issues.

    Whatever is decided, I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into the CPF and CPFMP and will continue to be a user and supporter.

    UPDATE: Okay, okay, I confess I replied before I had read the whole thread. I have not been pleased or impressed with Panjo on other sites, so if that's the solution, I would at that point sadly stop using the B/S/T areas - which I have used a good bit in the past with great results, mostly as a buyer but occasionally as a seller. I just purchased a Spyderco Gayle Bradley earlier today on CPFMP, in fact.

    I will still continue to use the forums, though.
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    Default Re: Putting the forums back together again

    I always thought it was odd splitting the forums. Combined with the apparent "crash," I have to admit that I lost interest in trying to re cultivate two brand new accounts here. Registered but left both accounts dormant for a few years until recently when I was told about an HDS group buy.

    I'm also OK with a nominal fee to be able to post things for sale, but it would probably prefer to have it as a forum subscription and not a service that skims 3% off the top of transactions- PayPal already does this if you use goods and services. FeeBay also does this.

    You'll end up with sellers passing on the negative savings to potential buyers, or just going to eBay. IMHO, part of a good forum for buying and selling niche goods is being able to build relationships with each other and increase the overall trust that the community has in individuals and the community and forum as a whole. With eBay and niche goods- you always have the potential of counterfeit goods or being scammed. I've heard some horror stories about people using Instagram for transactions. This becomes doubly important with international transactions.

    Personally, I would prefer to continue purchasing from/supporting forum vendors and supporters, especially in niche markets such as flashlights, knives, and gear.

    Just my $0.02. I don't really have any recommendations on a potential solution, just these observations as a forum goer and otaku for cool stuff.

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    Default Re: Putting the forums back together again

    FWIW, I tend to check now either here or on CPF proper. Having both sites merged again would be convenient.

    Would I be willing to repost the "specials" thread there? Wouldn't have it any other way!

    I guess we'd need to figure out a way to make it available only to real members and not put in the open for everyone to see. But, you've thought of that already.


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