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    Dec 2010

    Default Bunch of Headlamps for Trade!

    Princeton Tec Remix with red secondary LED's

    Princeton Tec Eos Black with top strap

    Princeton Tec Eos Blue with Seoul P4

    Princeton Tec Eos Orange with Seoul P4

    Petzl Tikka XP2

    Black Diamond Icon

    Energizer 6 LED Red

    Energizer 1 Watt Green

    Looking for Zebralight Headlamps, floody headlamps, or lights that run off of 18650's.

    Knives or any outdoors gear

    Thanks for looking guys.

    I have a video in case you want to see them.


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    Sep 2006

    Default Re: Bunch of Headlamps for Trade!

    I don't have anything to trade but might be interested in buying the PT EOS with SSC P4 depending on price and condition. I found that if I put an IMS or Khatod 17mm reflector in place of the stock optic the beam greatly improves.

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    Dec 2010

    Default Re: Bunch of Headlamps for Trade!

    Feel free to make me an offer. Its in like new condition. I have one blue and one orange.


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