What I am offering - Some old (more than 5 years old, possibly 10 years old) Ni Cad batteries. All haven't been used for at least 4 years (some seem to have not been used at all). I no longer have a suitable charger, so am unable to charge/test these batteries.

5 x C sized labelled as "Arlec 1200mAh Made in Japan". Overall length (including nipple) is 49.5mm, diameter is 25.5mm. Appear to be unused.

6 x "C+" sized labelled as "SANYO Cadnica Extra KR-2800CE 2800mAh Made in Japan". Very little or no use. Have a spot welded nipple on the +ve end. 51.8 x 25.6mm.

4 x AA sized labelled as "Arlec 600Mah Made in Japan". New in unopened blister pack.

4 x AA sized labelled as "Eveready recharge 600 milliamp hours". These have definitely been used (in fact some had enough charge to run my Zebralight H61 on medium for short while).

I will pay for postage and send these batteries to you.

What I want - A reliable US based CPFer to act as my US agent to buy stuff (mostly lights) from sellers who will only ship to US addresses (common on CPF and eBay). I will make the purchase myself if possible (or supply the money for all purchases) and pay for postage (via PayPal).

Obviously this requires some trust on my part, so I would prefer to deal with someone who has been around CPF for a while or can show a reliable, longish term presence on another forum or eBay. I wouldn't be doing this very frequently (less than 6 purchases a year), and I'm not expecting instant turnaround on purchases/re-sending packages.

Restriction - I understand some CPFers prefer to trade only with US residents. If you specify "CONUS ONLY" in your WTS/WTT threads then I insist on honouring your stated preference (ie I won't trade with you).

If you want to contact me (and avoid any CPFM "downtime" problems) please email me direct: greg [at] gc [dot] id [dot] au