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    Default For Sale: Small Crystal Clear Holders for Tritium Vials

    Continued from here - http://www.cpfmarketplace.com/mp/sho...24#post2001624

    Crystal Clear holders for Tritium Vials.

    Click pictures to enlarge

    I really liked the DIY Glowrings from Merkava but I also wanted to house them in something a little stronger and clearer so more light could be emitted.I decided to make my own holder and also sell them to who is interested in putting Tritium Vials in them.
    I also sell these filled with Glow Inc. glow powder and epoxy here.

    Each small acrylic tube as a 1/4" outside diameter and has an inner diameter of 3.2mm and a outside diameter of 6.2mm so it fits the 3mm Tritium vials perfectly. Merkava sells the Tritium vials here. The 1" holder will fit the 2mm x 12mm vials and the 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" fits the 3mm x 23mm vials.
    Each large acrylic tube has a 3/8" outside diameter and has a inner diameter of 6.2mm and a outside diameter of 9.2mm.

    (Below I have a picture of a 3mm x 23mm Tritium vial inside a holder.)
    Just apply some epoxy, crazy glue, hot glue, or silicone to the tritium vial after you place it in the holder and your set.
    Since these are not drilled out, they are crystal clear.
    They are not unbreakable, but a lot stronger than the bendable plastic that the DIY rings come in.
    Each small tube comes with a #6 Stainless Steel Split O-Ring.
    Each large tube comes with a #9 Stainless Steel Split O-Ring.
    I don't attach the ring so you can glue the tritium in place then put the ring on yourself.

    1": 1-1/2":
    Click pictures to enlarge

    Here is a 5mm x 3 inch Tritium vial in a large holder.

    Here I have a comparison shot. My crystal clear holder is on top and the holder I was using is on the bottom. I have inside my holder a Tritium vial from Merkava. A 3mm x 23mm green vial.

    Lights on: Lights off:
    Click pictures to enlarge

    Sizes available and Pricing:

    For up to 3mm diameter tritium vials:
    (1") (1-1/4") (1-1/2")

    For up to 6mm diameter tritium vials:
    (1") (1-1/4") (1-1/2")
    Custom lengths available also. Contact me for details and pricing.

    Payment and Shipping:

    $3.00 Shipping in the U.S. via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
    $5.00 Shipping Worldwide elsewhere via First Class Mail.
    U.S. Priority available for $6.00.
    I usually ship the orders once or twice a week.

    I accept PayPal and CC payments using PayPal.
    You can send PayPal payment to LESLIEx317537@gmail.com
    I also accept US Postal Money Orders.

    Place the size and quantity you want in the PayPal Note section.
    Please include your CPF name somewhere also when ordering, just so I have a reference when reading the thread.
    If you are not a CPF member, that is fine also, but you should join.
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