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    Default Nighthunter 2 Tactical Flashlight(3x) for sale

    I have three Nighthunter 2 tactical flashlights for sale. These flashlights retail for over two thousand dollars and I am selling these three for 1200 each. They have never been used other than to make sure of no defects. The Pelican hard cases are in mint condition. The lights have been in storage for around a year now since my last deployment in Iraq. No they are not stolen although the price makes it seem that way. I recently finished up my time in the military and the lights were retrograded to some of us so now that I am out I have no use for them. You are more than welcome to google the flashlight and see the specs and features for yourself. Let me just warn you that this flashlight is amazing. I have used a lot of lights in my military career and this one is by far the brightest. If you have questions you may email me at oif8-12@hotmail.com I would give you my # but I work 60 to 70 hours a week and chances of you catching me at home are slim. Let me know. You will not find a better steal on the net. Thanks everyone.

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    Default Re: Nighthunter 2 Tactical Flashlight(3x) for sale

    you should move this to this part of the forum with the rest of the lights


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