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    Arrow -> Glow in the Dark O-Rings (aka Glo-Rings - All sizes in stock.)

    (Glow in the Dark O-Rings)

    You've seen these offered here in the B/S/T. GreenLED used to sell them and others have provided them as well. As stocks run out here & there I am going to attempt to keep a supply of them available also. Price structure will remain the same as GreenLED offered them.

    (Click here for update in post #342.)

    for any 6 Glo-Rings
    Additional info links provided by GreenLED:
    Review - GID Info- Temperature Info

    ALL of the following sizes are in stock & available (as of 12/09/07):
    - 1" (25mm): SF KL5 & U2 (bezel), Pila GL3 & GL4, & replace bezel o-rings between reflector & window (McLux III-PD, Aleph 2, Aleph 19)

    - 7/8"(22mm): fits the outer ring on McGizmo's MULE, what else?, behind the lens of G2z, G2, 6P etc.

    - 3/4" (19mm): McLux, SF E-series, SF U2 (body), SF C3, QIII, Arc LS, Spy005, replace bezel o-ring (HDS, Arc4, 2AA minimag)

    - 5/8" (16mm): tighter fit for lights 1" in diameter (listed above)

    - 1/2" (12mm): Would appreciate any info on what these fit!

    7/16" (11mm): CR2 and AA lights, fill gap under PD & HDS bezel rings, HDS tail cap groove

    0g (8mm): AAA-sized lights, around switch button of the L1P, fit tightly over AA lights as well (Fenix L1 & L2)

    4g (5mm): fit on para cord for lanyards,
    2 fill the gap on a Solitaire with SMJLED upgrade.

    - 6g (4mm): fit on top of 5mm LED's for GID mods

    - 10g(2.5mm): fit on top of 3mm LED's for GID mods


    * Price (shipped) is $2 for 6 Glo-Rings
    -->(Please add $1 for International shipping.)<--

    * Please post your interest in this thread & send PayPal to:

    * Please include your CPF name & description of Glo-Rings ordered in your PayPal message.

    We'll see how this goes and if I can continue to make them available to you all.

    (Note: It appears the measurements are taken from the center of the rubber to the center of the rubber, with a thickness of approximately 2mm. Example: A 22mm ring would have an inside diameter of 21 mm and an outside diameter of 23mm. These measurements are approximate, as there can be differences between batches. Most folks are orderng a variety of sizes to determine what fits their specific applications. They are quite stretchy as well.)
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